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MARS: Mahamanav Aerospace & Research Space Exploration Pvt Ltd


MARS Exploration is ordinarily termed as the online Aero-ed-tech platform that provides exceptional internship and learning sessions on a diversified range of subjects in Aerospace, Aeronautics, Space, and Aviation fields to students at undergrad and post-grad levels.

MARS mission:

For Aatma Nirbhar Bharat, we aim to build the youth of India into skilled individuals who possess the zeal to stand out and perform well.


Students in the present era are more subjected to social media usage. Henceforth, reaching them out through the dynamic plethora of social media forms the most beneficial decision! Through our social media platforms, we reach out to students, and via various social media strategies, smart HR management, and planning, we provide them with online internships in the aerospace, aviation, and space domains. Because generally, these domains constitute a very specific study of concepts that require thorough methods of teaching and an extensive procedure in presenting the same to the students. That's when we walk in and deliver the students with dynamic internship opportunities where they get incredible industrial exposure along with a creative outlook toward the aero and space domain.


Our main objective lies in bridging the gap between students' dreams and their execution by providing the youth with creative and technical learning and earning space. Our internship opportunities offer startling features that enable them to develop a creative outlook on the aero and space domain. Some of the benefits would be a Completion certificate with a project title, mock interview sessions, career guidance, real-life problem solving, real-life preparedness in terms of practical knowledge, and Vast Exposure to working on notable research and project works.

Our Incredible automation strengthens the Indian Space sectors to be proficiently reusable, reliable, and above all, efficient-driven. An Idealistic approach enables us to achieve excellence to the greatest zenith and prohibits the danger of space debris from the earth's ecosystem.

Our expertise primarily lies in Reusable orbital launch vehicles (ROLV) along with the productive indulgence of diversified commercial projects affiliated with Aeronautical aerospace avionics and IT.


At the current moment, our company is working on green rocket propulsion. Extensive research is being conducted on the same. Through this research, we strongly intend to lower the quantitative rate of India's population and empower today's youth by making India an Atma Nirbhar Bharat.

Via the Made in India scheme, we make RLV satellites and drones.

Also, MARS works in providing education for underprivileged kids. Plus, we provide space education for undergrad and grad students. With the help of our company product and service, we intend to enhance our GDP and generate skilled employees for Atma Nirbhar Bharat.


Currently, we are providing an internship training program, a skill development program, an HR service, and a digital marketing service. In the future, we are starting the manufacturing and selling of drone satellite rocket hybrid Aircraft UAVs.UAS RPA

Also, we plan to provide the service on IT services, 3-D printing, and design and analysis service.


For generating skilled employment, we also plan to take our internship training program to offline mode and open a dynamic skill development center, space center, space school, and University research laboratory in all districts of Maharastra.

For this, we will do collaborations with various colleges. At present, we have collaborated with UPES and Graphic Era College.

In the future, we will collaborate with every Maharashtrian University and provide placement support to students.

After this, we plan on performing drone manufacturing and selling, plus the manufacturing for UAV UAS RPA. Satellite rocket hybrid aircraft and defense equipment.

Concluding our firm objective is to make Maharastra strong in terms of technology in the Aerospace sector.

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