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Refund Policy

  • The fee, once paid, shall not be refunded and adjusted in any other account; however, the Internship title can be changed before the commencement of the batch or schedule.

  • 100% fee to be paid in advance to start the training with MARS Exploration Pvt, Ltd

  • Registration and payment can be terminated; If an anytime found internship is being shared with others / multiple users or internship purchase intends to copy the material/ Content, it will block access simultaneously.

  • In an exceptional case of Refund, taxes and payment gateway charges shall be applicable as actual.

  • Any promotion code/Gift used to purchase the MARS Exploration Pvt. Ltd Internship shall not be in the entitlement of Refund and adjustment.

  • A payment refund is not possible once students get registered; however, it can be further rescheduled within the stipulated time.

  • Any exceptional Refund of the fee shall take 3 working weeks.


Terms & Conditions

Registration & Cancellation term

  • The user shall provide accurate information during the registration process and shall update as this information changes over time without any delay.

  • The user should ensure that the User Data is not accessible by any third party.

  • MARS Exploration Pvt. Ltd reserves the right to deny registration and is entitled to, any time, and without obligation to give reasons, to deny the users the right to access the password-protected area by blocking its User Data, if the user, in particular

    • Uses false data or inaccurate information during registration.

    • Violates the Terms of Use or any applicable laws or neglects its duty of care concerning User Data.

  • Shall not replace registration of the user with any other product and services used through

  • Students joining through any special activity or in a discount scheme or any scheme classified as a 'special scheme' cannot avail of the transfer facility.

  • MARS Exploration Pvt Ltd has reserved all the rights of misconduct of virtual property.

  • The course and course combinations are expected to change from time to time based on the industry requirements. If you are taking a break during the course and the course you have registered and paid for is not available at the time of rejoining. You will have to join an alternative program available now or must upgrade the course by paying an additional fee if required for the new combination.

  • The student should strictly adhere to the batch/schedule timings specified by the center. All breaks must be pre-approved in writing.

Privacy Policies

  • MARS Exploration Pvt Ltdconsiders your data and information security and protection important. Therefore, MARS Exploration Pvt Ltd operates its website in compliance with applicable laws on data privacy protection and data security.

  • Below, we provide information on the types of data we collect through all websites, the purpose we use such data, and parties with which we share such data, where applicable.

Collected Data and Purpose of Processing

  • We only collect personal data (e.g., Names, Country, Location, Telephone/ Mobile, Email ID, etc.) about operating our website when you voluntarily provide this data to us (e.g., through registration, contact inquiries, surveys, etc.). We are entitled to use or process such data by permission granted by you based on a statutory provision.

  • As a general rule, we only use such data exclusively for the purpose for which the data was disclosed to us by you, such as to answer your inquiries, grant you access, process your orders, etc.

Data Sharing

  • For the purpose indicated above, insofar as you have provided your consent, or when we are legally entitled to do so, we will share your data with the subsidiaries of wherever required.

  • In connection with the operation of this website and the services offered, works is a network of all its subdivisions, such as the Online, and Creative desk or its applications.

  • These Strategic Business units are located in and outside India, possibly, all over Asia, in this regard; the applicability of data secrecy and protection laws may vary. In such cases, takes measures to ensure an appropriate level of data privacy and protection.

  • Data is shared only in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. We do not sell or otherwise market your data to third parties.

Questions, Comments, and Amendments

MARS Exploration Pvt Ltd will respond to all legitimate requests for information and, wherever applicable, to correct, amend or delete your data. If you wish to make such a request or have questions or comments about this Data Privacy Policy, please click on "Contact Us" and feel free to share.

This Data Privacy policy is updated regularly. You will find the date of the last update on this page.

Data of online training requests may be further used with all the subsidiaries of MARS Exploration Pvt Ltd.

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