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Our Vision

We operate as a research and development firm in the respective domains of the aeronautical and aerospace fields. Our primary aim exists in prohibiting the danger of space debris from the earth’s ecosystem. We also exercise our expertise in reusable orbital launch vehicles (ROLV) along with the productive indulgence of diversified commercial projects affiliated with aeronautical aerospace, avionics, and IT.We persistently thrive towards innovating and creating a revolutionary change for the Indian Space Sector that’s proficient enough at making productive and commercially viable establishments!

To put it another way, we are sincerely working to accelerate the progress of the entire set of existing and cutting-edge technologies in the Indian Space Sector and make it capable of producing unbelievable and commercially viable changes!

Our Mission

In the field of aeronautics and aerospace, we meticulously perform the operations of state-of-the-art research and inventive development. This further involves us working on versatile aspects of designing, building, testing, selling, and excellent maintenance of aircraft, aircraft parts, missiles, rockets, and spacecraft. Not only that, We are also amazingly engaged in designing, developing, building, and testing space launch vehicles! 

So overall, we provide solutions in aerospace design and undergo various forms of analysis. We extend our assistance to IT and management too!

Some of our exception works would be:

  •  We will also conduct an internship program and a skill development training program.

  • We are conducting a workshop and a master’s class in aviation, aeronautics, astronomy, space, IT, and management.

  • We enhance the prime pillar of development for children, I.e., education, and entitle and create awareness for women of their basic rights and enhance women's empowerment.

  • We consistently strive towards building a platform where India’s constitutional rights are effectively heard, discussed, and promoted

Our Team


Akshay Chandanshive


rajni pic.webp

Rajni Verma

  Director &MD


Antalina Sarkar

Business Head & VP

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