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Innovation or Invention in in-flight services: Which forms a Better Fit For Today?

The question comes: What calls for more gravity in Science right now, Invention or Innovation?

At this point, Innovation is unconditionally required over Invention. This is so because Inventions had their time. There was a time era that solely worked and functioned tremendously with various types of Scientific Inventions. In this modernized era, there were huge inventions of various scientific entities, theories, concepts, devices, etc., in terms of structural design, component design, component tightening, and various other aspects. So, everything has its time, and if it exceeds this time frame, that thing seems to lose its charm and adroitness, and that's when the prohibition of growth prevails. Hence, right now, Technology calls for Innovation. So when we want to compute which one forms to be more important in the domain of the airline industry of in-flight services of food delivery system, waste collection system, and aircraft cabin lighting system, out of Innovation or Invention, the vote simply goes to Innovation. So let's shift the focus from Invention to Innovation of airline services.

Innovation adds value to the product or service line. It makes the service Commercially Viable! So Innovation enhances the construction and foundation of the airline with improved functioning of its service system and outsourced facets.

Let's understand this with an example: Wheels! Wheels are an invention. But transforming them into a movable vehicle is what we call Innovation. So you see what's been done here? Invention has initiated the values of Science, but Innovation has accentuated the growth of Science. And by being the human beings of the 21st century, we do know how important the mechanism of growth holds to anything.

Note: So, without Innovation, the invented wheel would have no use in the real world.

Likewise, in airline industries, rather than the Invention of newly formed subjects, it is high time that we start working on innovating the already existing business models and services of the airline. Because when a new thing is invented, it demands a huge amount of time to be understood by people. Hence, Innovation forms an effective venture to opt for. That is why we bring to you the various improvisations, innovations, and improvements that are divinely integrated into the in-flight services and lighting system. So to explore more about the same, stay tuned for our next blog!

Note: But there shouldn't be any way that compares both the "I" words. There should not be a comparison between the two because these two inbuilt techniques of Science are beautiful and effective in their ways. But the only difference that exists is that at this point of time where modernization and automation are at their peak, it thoroughly calls for Innovation in commercial airlines.

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