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Structural Analysis

The MARS structural analysis righteously incorporates every diversified aspect of finalizing a component that qualifies to possess the mechanical durability essentials.


The analysis classifications that may be requisite measures: Stress, Rotordynamcs, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and the Impact!

What we do

  • Crack Propagation / Damage Tolerance

  • Bolted Joint

  • Welded Joint

  • Steinberg (circuit board welded joint)

The MARS Tools used in Structural Analysis Engineering


The structural analysis training in MARS contains licenses and contemporary training measures that finely involves the following engineering stress analysis tools


  • ANSYS Fluent


  • Nastran


  • SolidWorks Simulation (FLOWORKS)

Results Delivered From Structural Analysis Analysis

Mars Exploration's comprehensive understanding of the various property of materials, we own the excellent mastery to study and model the stress distribution with the ever dynamic FEA. We further select materials and reiterate the already formed design geometry till the time a well-developed and optimal solution is acquired where durability requirements are minutely taken into consideration. Henceforth, this leads to reduced weight and cost, which beautifully maximizes the product performance and makes sure the product perfectly streamlines with the desired specifications before the formation of the physical prototype

Henceforth, it is believed there is nothing much to cover about structural analysis as we have comprehensively discussed everything relevant.


Thus, I hope this short excerpt will help you understand the basic fundamental of Structural Analysis and will solve all your queries regarding the same

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