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The Internship Venture of MARS Exploration

MARS Exploration Pvt Ltd offers Paid Internships for students studying engineering and management. Diversified associates and successful interns amazingly recognize this supreme initiative of MARS Exploration Pvt Ltd. as a feasible society remuneration. Therefore, we thoroughly vitalize the student's learning and development, and creating an awareness about this initiative falls first in our priority.

What about internship

A MARS Exploration Pvt Ltd initiative, we select students from different engineering and management colleges and deliver them with fruitful internships and training sessions. Drawing your attention significantly to our internships and training rounds, we imbibe a unique and practical value for the student's learning and try to give them a creative space where they can exercise their interests and creativity to the fullest zenith.

These internships are specifically diligent to Engineering Sector (Aeronautical aerospace Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Energy Engineering) and Finance and HR Management. We sincerely prepare them to be professional along with an industrious outlook and equip them with corporate ideas and concepts.

We constitute a team of well-experienced and skilled mentors who have operated on notable industrial projects and have specialized expertise in practical work culture. But that's not it! The activities on which MARS Exploration Pvt Ltd works are not only a series of CSR activities but form a crucial reason for proving to the world out there that we give energy that consistently steers the endeavor for the betterment of society and students.

  • The core sector has very high demands for human resources, but it comes with a twist. Core Sectors always recruit people who have a basic understanding of the subject and are well enriched with proper skill sets. But with the MARS Exploration Pvt Ltd internships, we are here to enhance the skills and knowledge of young engineering graduates and transform their capabilities to a worthful level of merit and excellence.

  • The finance sector is purely variegated but also embeds deep apprehension of core domain knowledge. This further creates a huge deal of confusion among young management students to land on crucially beneficial decisions of which field or finance to opt for, which will be worth it for the long run and will have built-in solid reliability. That's when our internships come into action. MARS Internships guides our young learners to obtain transparency and a clear mind when it comes to choosing the righteous career path.

  • Many students claim to work in favor of the concept that having technical or academic skills is enough. But this is where students go wrong. As having technical skills are essential, in a similar manner possessing a fundamental knowledge and skill of corporate are equally important. Moreover, corporate skill is a survival skill that one needs to have to survive and sustain the competitive market and make a hard-earned place for himself in the respective organization. Hence, MARS Exploration Pvt Ltd assists our students with high-yielding Skill Development training sessions, which eventually help them in shaping their personality to a beautiful pathway.

  • The Job Hunt phase in a student's life is like one of the most critical points in their career curve, which becomes the ultimate deciding factor for his future. Also, the requirement of the student to face it all alone just forms a difficult icing on the cake. MARS Exploration Pvt Ltd aims to help our students go through this phase with utter confidence and come out with flying colors by making them industry ready through the Pre-Placement Training Program.

  • MARS Exploration Pvt Ltd is wholly interested in investing every one of its aspects in the education sector. It is accredited with setting off with initiatives that lead to starting new institutes that impart A1 quality education at swift affordability. Hence to sum it up, we provide internships and training sessions that help an individual gain appropriate industrial experience.

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