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The Ambition: A student's perseverance to make it happen!

Every young man perceives an aim in life. Every individual thrives on fulfilling their dreams with the greatest of potential. In fact, it is an ambition that makes a man proactive, enables him to think from a practical point of view, and make effective decisions in the course of life.

Here's what a sixth-grade student had to say when he was asked the common yet interesting question, "What do you want to become when you grow and what makes you think that?"

He replied: "I want to become a doctor when I grow up. This is my aim. Also, here is why I think so. When I used to live in Pondicherry, one of my classmates fell sick very badly due to the place's constant rain and the humid climate. He had pneumonia and was not able to attend school for a month. When my mother called his parents to check on him, the statement that his parents declared to my mother was sad and disheartening. Due to their poor financial conditions, his parents were not able to afford proper medical treatment. His condition worsened every single day. When I went to visit him, the pain in his eyes shouted out helplessly. After a few days, he died. I struggled in that situation with sadness and shock. That was the time when I started thinking about the suffering of people in the world. Then and there, I decided to become a doctor, and there was no looking back.

I was strongly determined to study so passionately that I got to qualify as a doctor as soon as possible. When I become a qualified doctor, I will travel to the city's outskirts, mainly to the village regions, and establish a well-functioning dispensary there.

I would thoroughly serve the village people and work around the clock to treat people and transform them into healthy beings. I will firmly abide by the fact that people often require care and empathy more than medicines.

I dream of my dispensary to be the ideal model that treats many patients from around the world."

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