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Our lives start from an embryo, grow up to a child, and then the various phases of mankind. Human beings are born with receptor sense organs, which help our intellect to interact with the outside world. We are all born with basic intellect, and as we grow our brain collects information through these sensory organs and synchronizes to define our actions and reactions. This process by which the brain accommodates adjusts and adapt is called learning.

There are seven ways of learning, chronologically they are, Visual, Auditory, Verbal, Physical, Logical, Social, and solitary. The first stage and the most basic form of learning are by imitation – here we all learned by imitation and we still continue to imitate to learn. The person whom we imitate to learn is called a teacher. In the initial stage it's our parents, then our school teacher, College professor, Mentor, Instructor, and our idols.

The basic role of a teacher is to feed our brain with useful information and tips, which they may have acquired through some experiences – they are responsible to train our minds to handle any situation effectively. They are the architect of our society and its values at the same time they are also the custodian of knowledge, discipline, and humanity.

A teacher mentors the students the art of standing up for themselves and mastering the skill of learning and remaining empowered with self-confidence, passion, and zeal.

They constantly guide their students to become innovative individuals of tomorrow who are equipped with growth and a creative mindset.

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