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Potential Improvisations in In-Flight Services

Commercial Air Transportation today hosts a vast linning of competition. So to attract an immense number of passengers and to enhance its popularity among the crowd, the airlines are in a constant hunt to explore new innovative ways to attract passengers. Well, there are diversified ways through which an airline can perform utterly well in the intense competition, but do you know what is that one thing that forms the primary crowd-pleaser factor for the entire airline? The In-flight services of that particular commercial airline. And when it is said in-flight services it means the in-flight food delivery system, waste collection system, aircraft cabin lighting system and cabin designs present in the aircraft. 


To draw more significance let us understand with an example. So, you are invited to your colleague’s house for a small dinner feast. You go and attend the dinner and come back home. But the one thing that you will surely remember after you return from his place is how well they treated you with their welcoming gesture and other factors like the way they served you the food, the way they ask you about yourself, the behaviors they showcased on the dinner table, etc. So these things classify as the In-house service of your colleague. So if at the first instant you liked their in-house service, when the next time they invite you over, you won't have the requirement to give a second thought to whether you should go or not. Because it will be an inbuilt intuition that you will pursue which will strongly give you the hint to visit his house the next time. But, if you didn’t like it in the first place, there is no way you will even opt for going the second time to his place. Just the same way, if a passenger likes and enjoys the in-flight services of the airline on his or her first flight, then it's a sure fact that the airline has achieved a loyal customer for itself. 


So, to discover the various innovative features that can be enhanced in the in-flight services of food delivery systems, waste collection systems, aircraft cabin lighting systems, and cabin designs, to make it stand out from the rest, a public survey was conducted at two notable international airports in Malaysia. The main objective of this survey was two: 1. To acquire the passenger’s view on the existing manual Food Delivery system and the manual Waste Collection procedure that occurs after the commuters are over with the consumption of food. 2. The improvisations suggested by the commuters and some creative improvisations obtained from in-depth researched analytics fits well for making the service process of food delivery and cabin lighting system more foolproof and above all convenient. 

To be Continued.......

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