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Understanding Macro content and Microcontent:

  • Macro content

Blogs, videos, newsletters, keynotes, and slide decks

  • Microcontent

Snippets of content like one-liners, videos, short testimonials, SM posts

Also, we can convert a macro to micro-content.

How to upgrade core channels of insta and FB

  • Doing collaborations with other creators.

  • Doing more interviews in a blog format.

  • Having a consistent check on KPI

Social media strategy:

The first step is setting goals and getting to know the brand's business goals.

So getting to know the regular business goals and then converting or translating those goals into social media-specific posts and other things.

1. Conducting a short session to know the audience's interests through Q and A on Insta story.

2. As we are an aerospace, aeronautical, and space-based firm, our posts can be related to both technical as well as drive clear attention to detail on the creative side story of MARS.

Like a week can be divided into the following:

1. Monday and Tuesday: Monday's the busiest day. So emails plus newsletters could be sent out which will be made more factual and precise and long maybe. Because people have their work mode on, they have a continuous urge to check out their emails.

2. Wednesday and Thursday: same goes for Wed and Thurs. Also, emails could be sent out that'll beautifully describe MARS's authenticity and innovative work.

3. Weekend posts: these posts will highly focus on the appealing and creative factor of the MARS.

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