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MARS EXPLORATION PVT LTD: Our creative attitude defines our credibility

A startup with an impeccable record of technical achievements, MARS Exploration is all set to take you through a plethora of quality aerospace education, experiential learning, creative learning platform, aesthetic and wholesome skill development training programs and so many more. So let's get to know about the wondrous startup, MARS, Mahamanav Aerospace, and research space Exploration Pvt Ltd a bit more!

An Illuminating Intro:

MARS was founded by Akshay Chandanshive in the year 2021 and along with a few creative-minded team members, he embarked on a journey to build an Aerospace learning platform that beautifully incorporates the morals of human values, personality development, aerospace, aviation & space related internships and building up of global leaders of tomorrow.

One of Akshay Sir’s inspiring words that even today enables us to work more passionately,

"To formulate the greatest of creations, automation, and accomplishments, one must sacredly perform the art of exploring oneself with the truest of passion and zeal. Then only, they will have the hunger, the determination to make the impossible happen in actuality."

The top four MARS taglines inspiring people worldwide

🚀Our Creative Attitude Defines Our Credibility

🚀We don’t limit our credibility, we multiply it

🚀Innovating is our habitual practice without which our worth is void

🚀Where conventional thinking ends, our credibility starts!

Having an attitude, mindset, and ideas that speak the language of confidence and creativity is what encourages our team members to constantly thrive for excellence and passion!

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