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Feasibility Study: A venture to enhance Airport Business Worthiness

Today, every airport management firm operates in such high competition in the air industry business market and works in an advanced technique with researched norms and studies. And the factor that plays the leading role in making an airport stand out from the rest is when the Feasibility Study governs the working plans of the company.

We present to you a comprehensive guide on a feasibility study followed by various companies in airport management that aids in validating their company's plan and strategies to a wondrous potentiality.

A feasibility study can be termed as the viability checker for a business. It helps in accomplishing feasibility in the formulation of the company's plans and schemes. But that's not it. It also reveals various features of their airport brand, which are not only trendy but inexplicably compelling. So, let us get to know the wondrous mechanism of a Feasibility study and the magical service it provides to the working of airport management from a business point of view.

An Overview of Feasibility Study

The ideas or strategies that a particular airport company develops will work in the long run and be preferred by the passengers or not is effectively decided by the productive components of The Feasibility study. For example, will the customers approve of their in-airport refreshment services and products, pricing of the tickets/fares and purchase them every time? Will the proposed scheme planned to achieve profit for the company be a success or not? All these queries get resolved when the Feasibility study solution takes the front seat and skyrockets the business to the greatest zenith!

A feasibility study is the viability checker for airport business. It defines the anatomy of the working of the airport. For example, let's understand this from a non-airport and ordinary example: The Chief Operating Manager of a Superstore introduces a new strategical plan wherein the staff member of the store are directed to arrange the products to lifestyle instead of product type. So, there are independent sections and aisles dedicated to veterans, single moms, doctors, bounty hunters, etc. But the question here is will this plan be beneficial, and does it contain the capacity to attract more customers? Will it be a good investment plan? Will it give me a reasonable profit? The Feasibility study delivers the solutions to all these problems.

The Feasibility study works its way into learning the potentiality of the airport's existing and future business ideas and policies and draws out a listicle of pros and cons for it. Knowing whether the airport's vision will work in reality or not lets the airport manager focus on alternative plans and solutions if it doesn't, thereby saving the airport managing team, AAI (Airports Authority of India) and DGCA's time and money. It aims to help the possessor of the airport business validate their feasible business plans when it meets the challenges of the real world.

What is a Feasible Airport Business plan?

A feasible airport business plan is a well-established setup of a constructive workout action plan. It,

  • Gives the airport a high-yielding voice that owns the expertise to make extraordinary revenues

  • Converts the short and long terms’ risks into dynamic opportunities.

  • A reliable plan which is competent enough and leads to passenger satisfaction

  • Maintains a firm functionality of the airport.

The Feasibility Studies that are conducted for the pursuit of driving a bona fide airport business operate on every diversified need, the requirement of the passengers and the airport goals and visions. Hence, till now, I hope up to some point, you got to understand the core values a Feasibility Study brings in an airport business plan. Its true versatility lays out the perfect venture to credibility and excellence for successful profit and gains sustenance of an airport.

Feasibility Study: Also a path to innovation

A person who is a fresher into the field of airport business or wishes to start his own business in airport management someday begins with some of these commonly mentioned verbs to gain knowledge about the concept of business.

1. He explores by searching on Youtube (The most common method). While he searches, he comes across various business mentors who showcase the airport management business theory as a problematic summit that is too complicated to decode.

2. When a fresher asks people from his family who have been engaged in general business for many years about how the conceptualization of business works, that family member prefers not to disclose the actual tip in starting a business. Instead, he scares him by mentioning some conventional and cliche-like business theories that hold no solid base and are far too unproven.

So you see, when he explores on Youtube or asks his relatives about the concept of business in general and how to get started with the same, he is often misguided. There is a possible information gap between him and the idea of business, and the desire to start his airport business someday seems way too far-fetched. It is the exact time when the Feasibility study takes control and works its way to mentor him about the whole business concept and eradicate his fear or misconceptions about starting an entrepreneurial drive in airport management. The study puts forward a complete notion of the benefits and disbenefits of a business plan, the strategies for the initiation and execution of business in the airport domain, and the technique to convert potential goals and strategies into operative practical models, which are amazingly applicable in the real airport business world.

The Significant Wings of Feasibility Study

The feasibility Study hosts four exceptional units in the airport business management:

1. Market Feasibility 2. Technology Feasibility 3. Financial Feasibility 4. Operational Feasibility

An airport feasibility study gives you a profound estimation of the success and risks of its services in the market feasibility, economic validity in technological feasibility, commercial projects in financial feasibility, and operational systems in operational feasibility. It also gives information about the other competitor airport companies or brands that align with your company's credibility in terms of competition, a complete market study for your company, suggestions of the sectors which can make potential improvements, etc.


We believe there is nothing much to cover about the Feasibility Study in airport business management as we have comprehensively discussed everything relevant. A Feasibility Study enables an airport, be it a startup or a long-established firm, to acquire a practical solution or process plan or an innovative, reliable scheme to give good revenues and drive a considerable number of passengers.

I hope this excerpt on Feasibility Study on the feasibility plan of action for an airport company's working strategy helped you know what designs and theories would be productive for the potential enhancement of a particular company in the same. Also, I hope that this study will resolve all your queries that you come across when unable to map out a company plan or have confusion regarding the same.

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