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Aircraft Interior Lighting System

Aircraft Interior Lighting System

Air travel can be a mix of anxiety, uncomfortable experience, vertigo etc. It does not happen to every passenger on board but these cases are observed very frequently. In today's time when the Covid Pandemic has spread its toxic power to the entire world out front, passengers have serious concerns about the pandemic especially while they are travelling. This further gives rise to high anxiety, tension and stress in travellers. So, in this tension-filled situation Light including the facets of brightness, saturation and hue permit a suitable cabin environment that forms a positive influence on passenger emotions, moods, energies, appetite and many more.

Today Lighting has become a vital addition to an elegant and customer-friendly aircraft cabin environment setup. The lighting makes way for customer comfort by leading to visual comfort and forming a beautifying factor that introduces solace. The way it is designed, modelled and used in the cabin while flying hugely determines the passenger's experience in the flight.

A sneak peek into an example will make the understanding of the importance of the Aircraft Lighting system for passenger experience more clear and transparent. For example, night travel at cruising altitudes calls for an appropriate illumination for catering to the needs of the passenger and giving them the best quality service. Henceforth, the Cabin Lighting system lives up to the customer requirements by settling for the integral role performance of “The best in-flight experience provider”.

The technology that rules the lighting all over the airline's merchandise is the classic LED Automation!

The following features of LED are what makes it demanding and customer-oriented.

It holds a strong possibility in delivering a potential improvisation into the in-flight lighting system. It provides a solace enhanced and comfortable journey by giving the passengers the liberty to undergo various leisure activities. It also further leads to lighting control areas. The lighting control areas further gives rise to facilities of mood lighting design in the cabin.

Aircraft Interior Lighting system can be classified as 1. Cockpit Lighting 2. Cabin Lighting

Cabin lighting has the variants: 1. General Lhgitng 2. Task Lighting 3. Emergency Lighting.

In this study, we will be mostly ideating on general lighting.

Passengers and General Lighting in Cabin

Passengers basically have two forms of demands for general lighting. One being the Visual Demands and the other being the Non-Visual Demands.

The visual demands depend on the different activities that the passenger performs after entering the cabin. Due to this, the lighting environment needs to be changed and adjusted to different lighting scenes in accordance with his or her visual tasks.

Innovative Mood Lighting

The LED mood lighting enhances every cabin of the commercial airline to obtain its own identity. The main objective of this innovative LED mood lighting system is to offer a fresh and pleasant experience to its passengers and accentuate the particular airline company’s performance in terms of service and customer satisfaction. This further leads to the passenger opting for the airline every time he travels which in turn generates an emotional state of the passenger into the airline. Their needs and demands are valued with the amazing service of the lighting system.

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