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Thermal Analysis

Whether you’re looking to develop a combustion engine, heater, electric motor, steam turbine, spacecraft, rocket engine, electric system, or manufacturing equipment, thermal properties play a critical role in the success of your project. We apply Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to analyze thermal properties for thermal management design validation and optimization.

We have the capacity and expertise to analyze thermal properties including conduction, convection, and radiation giving us the ability to model any heat transfer method. Thermal properties are critical in a wide range of industries including electronics, oil and gas, HVAC, nuclear, automotive, power generation, aerospace, defense, consumer products, processing plants, and more.

Model Thermal Stresses

Through the combination of both thermal analysis and stress analysis, we can determine thermally induced stresses, strain, and fatigue. This can be critical for bodies that undergo large temperature gradients or cyclical thermal loads.

Make Data-Driven Design Decisions

With generated models, we can then make data-driven design improvements to optimize thermal management. Once models are generated the cost to iterate on the design is substantially more affordable than iterating with physical prototypes making it a cost-effective way to implement design improvements.

Validate Your Design

Models can also be used for design validation and greatly improve the credibility of proposals and pitches. Design validation can be applied to streamline the certification processes that are required in many industries.

Our Thermal Analysis Capabilities

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