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Image by Rudy Dong

Our innovation quenches the thirst for knowledge by creative conceptualizations!

Aerospace Design

MARS Exploration Pvt Ltd is a leading Aerospace company that has been trusted by its clients for delivering value-added services that have contributed immensely to the success of their projects. We are a team of passionate professionals adequately equipped with the latest technology and committed to providing the most satisfying experience in outsourcing to our customers.


The complexities of the projects can be efficiently handled by us and will help you to gain mileage in the timely and cost-effective execution of the projects. we offer cost-effective high-quality design solutions to Aerospace, Airport,  Automotive, Heavy Engineering, and General Mechanical Engineering. Our team of professionals and design engineers. engineering consultancies and OEMs to deliver quality 3D modeling services.

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Our aircraft designs themselves speak for Mar Exploration's creative credibility. It is commonly accredited as the supreme method that applies variegated techniques to fulfil all the necessary conditions to produce an aircraft that is airworthy and amazingly functional


Satellite Design

We design, implement and operate diversified types of satellites. The mechanism or methodology we follow in designing satellites focuses on developing and further exhibiting the feasibility factors and parameters of providing space environment measures with very affordable platforms. It also delivers voluntary usable data.

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Satellite Launch vehicle Design

The designing process that we follow while formulating the designs for satellite launch vehicles is amazingly in line with the latest yet potential trends that own the possibility and perfect alternatives to bring a change in the respective industries.

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