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CAE Services | Computer-Aided Engineering


  • Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) services can take the guesswork out of your design through the use of computer modeling.

  • MARS Exploration  Analysis Engineers are CAE experts using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to analytically drive design decisions.

  • Our analysis-driven approach to engineering allows us to optimize the structural, thermal, and fluid performance of a design before an expensive prototype is ever needed.

  • While CAE capabilities were first created for the aerospace industry to push the limits of performance, its use and benefits are far more reaching today.

  • CAE Services are regularly used to optimize the performance of nearly any design.

  • While MARS Exploration  Engineers are experts at using CAE services for aerospace projects including the development of rocket components and composite structures, our engineers also have experience using it to optimize designs in industries including consumer products, industrial equipment, architectural structures, and more.

Our CAE Services 

Advantage  of Our CAE Engineering Services


  • Exhaustive knowledge: our CAE team comprises of highly-qualified engineers with in-depth knowledge in R&D, product development, optimization of complicated manufacturing processes, stress analysis using finite elements, and more.

  • Cost-effective: With our CAE engineering services, the products can be tested and validated in the absence of expensive prototyping. With appropriate models, several versions can be calculated and optimized without any increase in the R&D cost.

  • Saves time: When you approach us for our CAE expertise, say goodbye to the numerous development cycles infamous for taking a great deal of time! Our CAE services reduce the trial-and-error cycles thereby speeding up the product development process.

  • Minimization of risks: Our CAE services offer a comprehensive analysis of risks by engaging state-of-the-art techniques including validation, verification and uncertainty evaluation.

Our CAE Services capabilities



A Comprehensive Range of CAE Services in India

To reduce time to market and launch reliable products, companies around the world are going for Computer Aided simulations, thereby minimizing the number of physical tests and a drastic reduction in design iterations. Wakidok specializes in providing top-class CAE services in India to companies across various industrial verticals. Our CAE services focus on leveraging the latest technology to help our clients create first-class products and processes and become a class apart in the hypercompetitive business landscape. We can help you in conducting various simulations on design to eliminate the need for building multiple prototypes. We use simulation tools that are well established and industry-proven, harnessing Multiphysics methodologies.

As a highly trusted partner for CAE services in India, we offer complete assistance in product development, analysis and optimization in a way that reduces the cost and increases efficiency.

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